DUO² – We decrease the fuel consumption with up to 20% per transported unit of load

Right now, there are two separate tests going on in parallel (July 2019).

The first running project was “DUO-trailer”, which consists of a tractor with double trailers (about 32 m). This combination is driving between Gothenburg and Malmö on the highway, E6, and on connecting roads to Schenker’s terminals in Gothenburg and Malmö. The test has been ongoing since 2012 and the combination has traveled about 410 000 km as the DUO-trailer (July 2019). DUO-trailer has double amount of load compared to a European tractor with a singletrailer, see picture below.

The second and later test, “DUO-CAT”, consists of a truck with two CATs (27,3 m). The DUO-CAT project started in March 23rd 2015. This combination drove at the first phase single trips on the night as DUO-CAT and distribution during the day (truck and one CAT). The single trips at night as DUO-CAT, gave about 52 000 km. This was before phase two started in September 2018 at Kinnarps AB. The combination has driven about 90 000 km at the second location (2019).

If you were to compare different combinations with the same amount of cargo to be transported, the environmental impact would look different depending on the combination. Below is an example where different combinations carry 200 pallets with a weight of 600 kg per pallet. The route goes from Malmö to Gothenburg.